Monday, May 24, 2010

Boring Monday.....

Not too much to report today.... I haven't been to the gym, so I don't have a new weigh in for you. Our weekend was terribly hectic, but I am thankful we had some relaxing time on our front porch last night chatting about neighborhood gossip.

Friday, I darted out of my office to head to Greensboro, to the O'Henry Hotel to shoot a quick boudoir. Then home to Davidson, unloaded my memory cards, charged my batteries, and packed up my gear again.... Saturday I headed out the door a few minuets past 10 to Durham for a wedding at First Presbyterian Church and then a reception at the University Club.....

The wedding was AMAZING! Such beautiful venues, and a rockin' fun wedding party! It was by far the best learning experience I've had to date as a photographer. I look forward to learning so much more :-)

I hope to have pics from the boudoir & wedding blogged on our photo blog soon!

Sunday Jeremy and I attended the funeral of my cousin, Adrian. Adrian passed away Monday morning from a long battle with brain cancer. He was engaged, and his fiance spoke at the funeral- I cannot imagine loosing the love of your life so young, and being strong enough to be in a relationship knowing you're going to loose them soon. I truly admire her, and his family. We all know he's in a better place, but he's horribly missed here.


My desk skirt is still unfinished.... I went to two different Michaels looking for more orange ribbon to finish it, but they were both out. And... well, I've been to busy to really think about it! This week will be filled with nights in front of the computer editing.... blah....

Happy Monday!


  1. From wedding to newlyweds to photographers...I love following your work.

  2. awwww Ashley! You're so sweet!