Thursday, February 3, 2011


We're heading to Vegas in a few weeks!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH! So excited :-)

It's the largest wedding & portrait photographers convention in the world, and we can't wait to go! I *think* we may rent a car on Sunday morning when we arrive and drive down to the Grand Canyon for the day since neither of us have ever been there.

PS. Jeremy's job interview in Nashville is tomorrow! He's leaving for Knoxville this afternoon, and is going to ride by a few rental properties in the morning. Ya know, just in case we do move out there, we'll have some ideas of where to live.

We're still pretty unsure of how we feel about leaving Charlotte. On one hand, it would be a welcomed change of scenery. But, on the other hand, I'd have to basically start over with the photo business, and I'll be hiking it back to NC for all the weddings we have booked for this year.

If he gets an offer, he pretty much has to take it. If he reports to the unempoyment office that he was offered a job and didn't take it, he looses his benefits. I'm not sure we can afford to live without them..... well, let me rephrase that. We can afford to live without them, just not at our current lifestyle.... but with the photo business picking up, maybe it will even itself out. We'd need to pull in about $1000 extra a month to be able to stay with the lifestyle we have currently. I should actually be able to pull some sort of paycheck from the photo business in the next month or 2!

Enough rambling for one Thursday! Toodles!

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