Saturday, February 19, 2011

White Chairs?

Bought the sprayer last night.

Bought paint at 745AM this morning.

Painted chairs till 1130AM.

They are in poopy shape. Shoulda sanded them & used oil base paint :-(



I included the photo of the table top so you can see the wood inlay pattern :-)

They're staying as-is for the moment. We fly to Vegas at 6AM, and we were tired of battling the wind.

Gus likes them :-)


  1. They look great! And sometimes these things take more than one shot. But they are going to be absolutely beautiful. I can tell. :)

  2. Sanding is such a pain in the butt! They look great from the photos! We bought two nightstands for $35 from the flea market, but they were shellacked with about 5 different globby coats of paint. It's been such a pain stripping and sanding them, that after over 2 years we still haven't finished them. I think they are going to end up in the trash. At this point hey don't go with anything in the house now that it's almost completely decorated, so I have no where to put them.