Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Hello.

I'm back to the real world after a few days in Vegas.

It is almost 4PM on Wednesday, and I've been awake the better part of the last 36 hours. Whew.

Tuesday 415AM: wake up & go to sunrise concert in the desert, go to hotel, gamble, take lighting workshop, gamble, eat dinner, eat dessert, go to airport, fly to Ohio, fly to Charlotte. Land at 930AM today....

I did sleep for about an hour before getting up and coming into the office today... yikes.

anywho.... back to home life.....

We found a house we love. The next day it went under contract before we could see inside. (had the greatest back yard ever.). We were supposed to meet with our realtor tonight, but after all the excitement of traveling, we just don't have it in us. The next few days are busy with outings & a wedding on Saturday... so we're postponing our meeting til next week. I'll keep you informed on what we're up to.

In the mean time... I look forward to having a dedicated office, wherever we land.

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  1. I hate when that happens! We would see SO many homes in the MLS that we loved and then I'd contact our Realtor to set up a viewing and it'd be under contract. GR! You sound like you definitely need a few days off! Good luck!

  2. Glad you're back! Can't wait to hear about your trip at dinner tonight! :)