Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wingback Chairs....

The house I grew up in had 2 sets of these.... the set in the livingroom was this golden floraly, stripey design... very traditional.... the set in our den were dark brown leather with tuffted buttons.

My mom redecorated the upstairs and got rid of all the yellow and replaced it with a soft pink. Now the chairs have a soft pink floraly, stripey design.... (Thankfully, dad kept these when he moved!) I have a shoot coming up next Saturday that I plan to use these chairs in... and I am SUPER excited :-)

I wish I had a space in my home like these... that support the use of a wingback.....
(not a wingback pictured... but it totally could be!)

again... not a wingback... but could be!

I just love the idea of comfortable seating in a kitchen/eating area :-)


  1. wow...thanks for the linklove.
    after staring at that room all day for 2 days i feel like i could paint that room in my head...down to every last detail...

  2. You're version of it is going to be A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!