Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Bedroom.... Under Construction... Part III

Jeremy got the nightstands made & hung! We also got our new sconces from Pottery Barn in and hung.... and our frames from IKEA hung! Now... just waiting on the prints to go in the frames, and I need to get a basket for my nightstand (you'll see in the photo it's empty)   :-)





We have a power strip on Jeremys side and we didn't want it just sitting out in plain view... so he attached it to the bottom of his nightstand with zip ties!

We're still deciding what to do with our dresser. It's Jeremy's dads (along with the matching dresser & nightstand in the guest room) I want to paint it.... but not without his dad's approval... if he doesn't want it painted then we'll most likely get another one that matches the room :-)



  1. I am loving the way your bedroom is looking.
    Its amazing.

  2.'s awesome! All of it! I won't show you pictures of my bedroom. With three kids, I just get excited when the bed is made. :)

  3. I love your solution for the nightstands! The room looks so bright and fresh.