Tuesday, April 20, 2010

25 Random Things....

To help pass this sloooooow Tuesday :-)

(FYI- I did take photos of the finished bathroom... I've just been too lazy to get them off the camera... maybe tonight!)

1. I'm getting a little overwhelmed with life.. it just seems to get busier, and time seems to speed up!

2. I am taking Friday O.F.F. and I can't wait!

3. I still really want to redecorate our downstairs... in Gray and Orange :-) but I think that involves new sofas... and that, I'm not prepared to purchase!

4. The cruise we booked for our anniversary can't come fast enough

5. I am still totally obsessed with reading wedding blogs. I am blessed to enjoy photography, so I feel like reading them is "research" for my business.

7. I have been super slack about getting the tax crap taken care of for the business. Ugh.

8. I really love owning a convertible... but hate riding with the top down and driving on the highway... just too windy... I really need the wind screen for my car.

9. I love decorating blogs. I like to pretend I can decorate.

10. I am handy. So is my husband. (see bedroom & bathroom posts below!)

11. I love a good deal... Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods... ect. I love them all.

12. I am now a coupon-er.... I love them... I also detest buying things that are NOT on sale at the grocery store.

13. My husband is still jobless... ugh....

14. Because my husband is jobless, he does work around our house :-) like tiling!

15. Because my husband is jobless, he has taken a dog-walking job for our neighbor :-)

16. I am in need of a vacation. My windowless office is getting to be suffocating.

17. I can't spell well. I get made fun of it daily at my job.

18. I spend entirely too much time in my car.

19. I wish my cat didn't shed and get her hair all over the new Ikea chair in the office. I also wish she could pee and poop in the toilet so the litterbox would be no more.

20. I like to vaccuum, but I HATE to vacuum the stairs. It's too much work.

21. I like to spend my days off cleaning. When my house is spotless, I feel calm.

22. I spend way too much time surfing the internet when I should be "working"

23. I have too much personal crap on my work computer... I need to fix that.

24. I need to send in my passport name change form. ASAP.

25. I am a cup collector... see all kinds of empty or half empty cups on my desk, in my car, on the coffee table, on my nightstand....

The. End.

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