Monday, April 26, 2010

The Ikea Themed Party/Weekend....

On Wednesday of last week I decided to have a theme for my girls weekend.... a little late, I know.... I had thought, well, maybe a shopping theme? I knew we'd be making an Ikea trip, and maybe a few other stops too.... Well, since Ikea was a for sure stop... I decided it would be Ikea themed!!! Random, I know.

If you've been to an Ikea, you know it's all blue and yellow. Very simple. Very basic. So- I went with it! I asked on for a few suggestions... and those ladies gave me some great ideas! Here are their suggestions:

Swedish Meatballs
Swedish Chocolates
A cocktail using one of the Swedish furniture names
Cinnamon Buns
Lingonberry something
Mac & Cheese
Marshmallow thingies they sell
Ikea Catalogs
Reusable shopping bags they sell

Well.... I bolded the ones that I did....

Served meatballs, blue corn & yellow corn chips upon everyone arriving (thought this would serve as an appetizer before dinner... but we just made this dinner instead) and those marshmallow thingies.... I'm so mad I got no photos of all the food out... I had those marshmallow thingies stacked to perfection on the cake plates pictured below!

I had jars of candy with blue and yellow wrappers on our coffee table (1 bag of baby ruth crisp/crunch bar crisp/butterfinger crisp... one bag of peanut m&ms.... one bag of almond joys.... one bag of white chocolate lindor truffles.... one bag of dark chocolate lindor truffles)

For drinks I made a spigot jar full of lemonade, and we attempted a blue raspberry drink.... but it didn't work out as planned..... I also had a big white beverage tub filled with... Blue Moon, Honey Moon,  mini Riesling bottles (the one that comes in the blue bottle), and Deer Park water.

I also made everyone goody bags that had the following filled inside.... A blue Ikea shopping bag, an Ikea catalog, a chocolate bar from Ikea (in a yellow wrapper), a bottle of water & a pack of gum (in a blue wrapper)

I also sent an email to everyone to bring something royal/navy blue and/or yellow to wear on Saturday :-)

It was SO fun.... I think everyone enjoyed the theme :-)

The photos of the decor was all taken before the food was out....




  1. Sensational! You are the hostess with mostess!

  2. It looks so adorable, glad you found a theme and it worked!

  3. So cute! Great job!

    (psst...Swedish and cinnamon)