Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flooring, Flooring, Flooring..... FLOORING!

Last week I came home from work, and Jeremy said "Come look at this"

Well, he led me to our master bath- where the quarter-round had come loose from in front of the tub, he pulled it back and found that water had got behind it, and molded the linoleum.

We've been planning to tile our bathrooms all along- just didn't think we'd be doing it now! After seeing the yucky mold, we decided to go ahead and pull the linoleum up and tile the floors. He's been working nonstop since Friday (luckily, I've been out of town for work all weekend!) He got it grouted yesterday, and today he will seal it.... tonight it will be ALL finished! Too bad I'm headed back out of town for work, and will have to wait till tomorrow to see it all finished :-/

Well- not only have we decided to tile the bathrooms, but we decided a while back we would hardwood our downstairs... well, after taking a close look at how yucky all of our lovely (builder) carpet has become over the last 2 years, we're just going to replace it all with hardwood!

So, hopefully, within the next month, our flooring will be D.O.N.E! I'm really excited!!

However- for the last 2 nights, this has had us sleeping in the guestroom... I can't wait to get back to our bed!
Jeremy said he's been taking photos of the tile progress, so I'll post pics of that soon!

Here's a few before we moved in...
Guest- The floor's the same in both....

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