Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need a break....

Life is getting to me.
I feel like my head is going to explode.
My husband still has no job, and it's taking a toll.
My work load is heavier and heavier these days.
Weight loss is pretty non existant at this point.
I need a vacation pronto- but we have no extra cash.
The fence people came to give us an estimate yesterday on fencing our back yard.... $1800 W.T.F.
I got in a wreck on Monday. (Don't worry, not bad- but enough to have to fork over our $500 deductible)
I want the flooring in our house DONE. I am tired of hearing "I'll do it when I have time" I'm sorry- what is it you're busy doing? But on 2nd thought- I don't think my nerves could take a messy house.
Photography is great, but sucking all my energy.
I've still been applying for part time jobs (as if I have time for them) but no one wants me.
We should really cancel our gym membership, but we do use it, and I suck at trying to work out at home.
We should cancel our satellite service.... but we're under contract and it would cost us more to cancel.
And- I'm about to start my period..... 

Before you start telling me "it will be ok" blah blah blah..... I get it... we all have a plan, everything happens for a reason.......


  1. Sometimes that's how life is, so I won't tell you it'll be okay. Have you considered switching to a Planet Fitness ($10 a month)? Fences are expensive and we only have part of ours fenced in. What is it that you are looking for? And what type of job is your husband looking for? I know we're not in the same city but I like to help and you're why wouldn't I help you!

  2. Keep your head up, stay positive, good things WILL happen!

  3. Thanks all.... we're in Davidson,NC.... just outside of Charlotte.... He's a civil engineer by trade, but doesn't have his license yet (has to work another 1.5 years under a licensed engineer before he can take the exam).....

    I wish we could switch to a planet fitness- but we don't have one near us.

    I really don't want to uproot our family (and leave my job) for him to get a job- but if something doesn't change we may have to.

  4. I've been looking for most anything retail or gym related.... that's what I've pretty much always done for PT work... and it offers the hours I need- nights and weekends....

  5. LOVE YOU! :) I feel some Jess and Mel time coming on...

  6. yes.... I really need some chill time with you....

  7. I absolutely know how you feel! Let it all out!