Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to work.....

I always hate coming back to the office after a long weekend, who doesn't? We had a wonderful long weekend, full of laziness. Friday we made a quick trip down to Wilmington to 1) meet with one of our September wedding couples, and take some engagement photos for them. 2) see my sister and her family while they were down at Carolina Beach on vacation 3) Show Jeremy the lot were buying! no... he hadn't seen it yet....
Then we tried our best to make a beeline out of town, and come back home.... We left Carolina beach just before 10PM, and were starving, we hadn't had a chance to eat dinner yet and decided BBQ sandwiches and sweet tea from Smithfields would be the cure. We pulled in the drive thru about 1010PM... ordered, pulled around, paid, told it would be a few moments, waited, then the guy who probably took our order came to the window to inform us they were OUT OF BBQ!!!! WTF... how can a BBQ restaurant be OUT of BBQ??? Not only that, but couldn't you have told me that 5 mins ago when I ordered???  Needless to say Smithfields corporate got a note from me the next morning. I really don't want to boycott Smithfields, but if I don't at least get an apology, I might have to.... ugh!
 So we left that side of town and headed for a Bojangles.... closed. We finally settled on Taco Bell... bleh... before finally leaving Wilmington about 11PM.... We made it home just before 3AM..... we were sleepy!

Jeremy and I have also decided to each purchase some TOMS shoes. We have to go to summer camp next week for my job and must wear close toed shoes.... FML. I HATE close toe shoes with a passion. We didn't want to take our nice tennis shoes, and my only other option are the crocs I wore last year (which were neither stylish or very comfy) so TOMS seemed to be the solution.....  Jeremy called one local store that carried them to see when they closed on Sunday, 6PM (he called about 530) so we jumped in the car, made it up there by 550.... door locked. Employee inside. Ignored us. SO.... I left them nasty reviews on google. I do want to call the store too and let them know exactly how I feel about this situation.

We tried to find other stores yesterday that carries them. We headed to Concord.... the place listed was the Shoe Show distribution center.... no dice. Then later last night we headed to two other places in downtown Charlotte- both closed in observance of the 4th..... UGH!!!! So Jeremy is venturing out on his own today to find a pair, and I'll go tonight.

So.... this was frustrating to say the least. But, our weekend did end well with yummy dinner at Mels!

Check out our Photo Blog for a few pics from our weekend!


  1. cute blog lady! i'm a newlywed too so i can relate :)
    good luck with the shoes!

  2. You can find them at Whole Foods...at least the one in Winston sales them :) ..Toms that is!

    They have a really good selection too.

  3. really??? that's seems like such a random place for them!