Thursday, July 8, 2010

Target Rant....

Below, I am ranting about my BAD Target experience..... Please note: I am mad at the Target policy, but I am also mad that Jeremy's parents have our suburban now.

Here's the nice little note I just wrote them, via their website.

Let me start by saying, I love Target and am a loyal customer, but I have an issue with one of your store policies. I found out yesterday afternoon your patio furniture was 75% off. After dinner, my husband and I jumped in our Honda Civic and headed over to the Concord, NC store and checked it out. You only had a couple of pieces, and after seeing the sheet with all the pieces in the collection, we set out to find all the pieces. We visited 4 stores last night with no luck. This morning I drove an hour to another store and poof! There were all the pieces! (I am driving my VW Bug) I was told by multiple store employees that I could not pay for the items in question (over $400 of merchandise) and send my husband to get it with his truck later today. I don't understand why this is such a big deal. I almost feel like Target is punishing us for having small, fuel efficient cars. I also don't understand why the same pieces online are over 4X more expensive- thus making us not able to afford to order them online and have them delivered.

The pieces we wanted were the Smith and Hawkin Windsor Metal Loveseat (Item 009002361), and the Windsor Metal Set of 4 Dining Chairs (


  1. Target is definitely on my list lately. We hardly received any gifts off our registry, and two weeks after our wedding I called to see if they offered a discount for us to purchase the rest of the items. They said they mailed the coupon on May 14th (I called the first week of June). We never received it, so they sent another saying it would take 7-10 business days. July 1st I received an e-mail saying our coupon would be mailed in 2-4 weeks. WTF?!? I called back, and asked if they could just e-mail me a coupon code. Finally the woman agreed to set up an arrangement with our local store to give us the discount, but we had to give her the specific day we were going to go (um, kinda busy, don't know when I'll have the chance). UGH. Then I asked about the online only items (since so many of them are). I was transferred back and forth between the same two departments TEN TIMES, each one telling me only the other department could help me. I had to give them my name, e-mail address, home address, phone number and registry ID fifteen times. By the 11th transfer I'd had it, and gave the guy a piece of my mind. Wouldn't you know that day the coupon came (almost two months after they originally sent it and yesterday we received the second one (a month later). I am SO mad, so I still haven't gone.

  2. UGH!!! That's awful!!! I've heard of many people having issues with Target's registry system, luckily we weren't one of them... but it sure is biting us in the ass this time!