Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Work has been just crazy the last few days! I spent my whole weekend being busy, busy, busy! I took off on Saturday early afternoon to head to Greenville, NC for a new Grange meeting with some of our fantastic kids and a couple of their friends. I spent the night in Wilson, and headed back to Davidson on Sunday morning.
That afternoon I got to hang out with the Millinix family over in Concord for a little baby boy photo shoot! What a cutie and a sweet family!
Monday.... well, it was Monday....
Tuesday, went to work.... then left after lunch for a meeting in Dudley- right outside of Goldsboro. Stayed there last night.... and then drove back into the office today..... whew.... it was a whirlwind!

Oh yeah..... and I got those bangs! I made a stop at Lux salon in Raleigh to see Anna.... my super awesome stylist :-) She makes me look pretty. So, I like her. Stay tuned for photos of the new do!

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