Friday, January 1, 2010

Things We're Selling.....

I am now more motivated to get more of our wedding stuff SOLD!

Please help us out and buy these goods!

VERY LONG brown fabric- It's in 3 sections and could easily be cut down to shorter lengths. $40 for all. (The monogrammed ends have been removed)... please note- the edges of this fabric is raw, unhemmed. We wanted it that way, but it could easily be hemmed.


Orange table runners from Pottery Barn, 3 total ((2) 6 foot runners and (1) 8 foot runner). They are a heavy linen with velvet trim.

We also have about 30 tan, twin flat sheets if anyone is interested. They were used as our tablecloths- $100

Two spools of grapevine from Pottery Barn, each are at least 10' long- we wrapped them around the front of the church. $20 for both.

Juicy Couture Ice Shoes, size 7, never worn. $75

Assortment of brown and ivory candles (12 total). All slightly burnt. $15 for all


  1. This wasn't listed on your items to sell, but I thought I'd ask...are the cylinder vases that your gourds were in (in the first picture of your post)for sale?

    If so, could you please email me at ajfitschen (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know the size of them and how many you have.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Hey I am really interested in some of these items if you havent sold them yet! I live in Charlotte, NC not sure where you live but I would love the wreaths, table runners, and possibly the candles!

    Email me if you still have this stuff available!

  3. Andrea- so sorry I didn't see your post till now! The vases actually all got sold the morning after the wedding! Many of our guests wanted them :-)

    Manders- emailing you now!

  4. Hey!
    Do you still have your long brown fabric for sale? Could you give me a rough estimate on how long it is?

    Casey (Caseyeverhart on TheKnot)

  5. hi Casey! the fabric is about 140' long! Hope that helps!

  6. it was 16 yards long and cut into 3 pieces length wise.... then one of the pieces was cut in half..... I hope that makes sense!