Friday, January 22, 2010

This week....

Has been rough. It's been really emotionally draining on Jeremy and I. The uncertainty of the future is terrifying. I like to think I am a generally positive person, but this week has taken a toll on my positive outlook. We were just getting on track to be out of debt in the next 12 months, now that dream is on hold, till Jeremy finds employment. I can say that I am so happy that he is out of a bad situation, and will hopefully find something that he truly loves. I am also so blessed that we have made smart LARGE financial decision until now. We (I) bought our home using only my income 1.5 years ago. This means theoretically we should be able to live off just my income. We also made the decision to pay cash for our Honda back in the late summer. This means we have a super cheap house payment ($690 a month) and only one car payment, mine. These two things really help give me piece of mind.
I'm not sure how to put into words the emotions felt over the last 5 days, but it's been tough. We've tried our best to stay positive, but it's hard. We are lucky that we do have a small emergency fund that will help carry us through the coming weeks and months, until Jeremy finds employment.
We ask that if you know of anything (in the Charlotte area) to let us know. Because of the high unemployment, all the jobs out there are super competitive, and an inside contact would be greatly appreciated.

We keep reminding ourselves of what our preacher told us in marriage counseling-

"Marriage is nothing but a series of adjustments"

This is just our first of many adjustments.

One a more positive note:

I booked my first wedding photography gig this week! I am so excited about this, and cannot wait to be a part of this couples special day! I will be training Jeremy on how to use my Nikon so that we can either buy or rent one for him to use- and he will be shooting with me at the wedding!


  1. Sending good vibes, thoughts, and prayers your way!!! :)

    and congrats on the wedding gig!

  2. Sending positive vibes your way. I totally know what you're going through: I'm a lawyer and I lost my job 4 months ago. It was a horrible 4 months but I just found a new job... it takes time but I know this will resolve itself for you guys. It sounds like you're both very responsible people and that means that you will make things work until Jeremy finds a new job. I hope that happens very very soon!