Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Velvet Blazer Review.....

If you follow me on twitter you know I've been hunting for some pretty *simple* to find pieces, a red button down & a gray velvet blazer.

Gray velvet blazers just don't exist. Not normal ones, and not in a size 8.

Here's the one I wanted..... from Ann Taylor.

But it's only online in sizes 0 & 16, so I called, it's apparently sold out in every store across the country. Sad face.

So, I found these 2 other options.....

From Anthropology: Price: $59.96  Verdict: The brown one is nice, a pretty color, but I don't like the way it hangs, it's a little frumpy. The gray fabric looks a little too much like a Juicy track suit, not pretty.

I ordered the brown in an 8, and the gray in a 10 to test the fit, the 8 fit the best, so I'm glad I like the brown one better.

I've decided to keep the brown one, and have a button or snap put on it, so that the jacket wraps in the front & the pockets don't hang funny. (as opposed to it meeting in front & hooking together)

Outcome: Brown: Keepin' it! Gray: Returning it!

From: J Crew . Price: $55.99  Verdict: BEAUTIFULLY made! But too boxy & masculine.

Outcome: Returning it.... kinda wish I had no hips so it looked better on me.....

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