Monday, December 13, 2010

Colored tights? Awful or Awesome?

In January Jeremy and I are having new photos taken (specifically for our website). I want to do a dressy look & a casual look. Yesterday I went out shopping on a whim... came home with some pricey goodies, that I just couldn't pass up..... an Ellie Tahari sequin, tunic dress, a black patent leather Kate Spade purse, and a Hugo Boss Jacket for Jeremy. I tried the dress on in the store- loved it, thought it would be great with a belt. I got it home, was so excited about it (albeit, having a bit of buyers remorse).... I tried it on with my skinny black belt.... and hot pink leggings. NO GO. Looked awful. The dress is a touch too long (longer than I remembered in the store).

It's similar to this one- but it's black with pewter sequins-
from the awesome Jasmine Star

I thought colorful tights with it would be awesome..... well the hot pink leggings I bought on a whim last year (that have never been worn) looked AWFUL! I'm thinking teal ones might have been better-

from Kate Spade
I do own another sequin dress, but it's got spaghetti straps.... and I'd have to find a jacket..... and it's knee length- not mini.....

so the search for cute outfits is back on :-/

Jeremy's not sure how he feels about a white jacket. It fits him & looks great, but he's fearful he'll spill something on it.

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