Friday, December 3, 2010

Great Find!

on Wednesday night I headed over to a local shopping center to get a little Christmas shopping done. I made a stop at Target to finish shopping for Jeremy, and niece Olivia. Then I headed over to the Marshalls to look around....

Side note: I've been hunting and hunting and hunting for a bright red, button down shirt.... you'd think this time of the year it would be easy to find. Nope. Target had one- but it's too dark & has a funny neckline. I'm willing to pay a pretty penny- so if you find one let me know.

Anyways... I went in Marshalls (looking for said red shirt) and came out with a Talbots, plaid shirtdress! It was hanging in the shirts, I guess someone picked it up and then decided against it, and was too lazy to walk 3 racks over to put it back in the correct spot. Whatever, it worked out for me! It fits perfect, but might be a smidge long- so I may have it hemmed. I'm guessing it was probably around $100 in Talbots- I got it for $19.99!

Here's a photo I found online of it from someone else's 2009 blog post- so I guess it was in stores last winter.

I know what I'm wearing on Christmas day!

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