Friday, October 22, 2010



Some might say that since becoming a Horton, I've grown fond of elephants. This is true. When we have a child they will be lost in a sea (a stylish sea!) of elephants. Remember that fabric I bought? Yeah, it's in a safe spot till we have a reason to use it.

Several months ago I came across Habitually Chic, a blog I found through Honey & Fritz, another blog I follow.

I found Habitually Chic because of a link Honey & Fritz had posted to this post....

HELLO Jonathan Adler elephant lamp, I must own you.

Too bad you aren't available online, and the store I attempted to visit in Miami 3 weeks ago was closed down.

Sad face.

Well, until that lamp magically appears somewhere.... this will suffice.

The Jonathan Adler elephant ornament! OMG. The price tag isn't too shabby either! Yay!

I think Jonathan Adler has officially put me in the Christmas mood. :-)


  1. i have that ornament! when it's not on my tree, it is on my bookshelf, perfectly fitting year round decor :)

  2. OOOOH! I like the way you think! It will look awesome out year round!