Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Bone to pick with Old Navy....

After deciding the orange coat I posted yesterday was a "must have" item for my wardrobe.... I went on an Old Navy adventure. Store #1 in Mooresville had lots of coats, in fact they had EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. EXCEPT the orange ruffle one. I mean they had that coat in every other color too, just not the orange.

*** side note: I did find 2 cute cordaroy mini skirts for $4 each.... score! (wearing one today!)

When I checked out I asked the clerk if they were just out of it, she said she guessed. They didn't have anything else in the back. OK, fine. Off to store #2 at Northlake.

No luck. Again, every other coat in every other color. I almost caved and bought the gray one since they had it in the store. I asked the clerk and she said that sometimes they offer different stuff online. Yes, I know- but not normally ONE COLOR!

So I went home, with no orange coat. I decided to call the Old Navy hotline to see if anyone had it. Nope. It's not in any store anywhere in the USA including LA & NYC. Bull Shit.

Why the hell would you carry every other color of this coat in store, but not the orange one? Hello, Old Navy, it's fall. Orange is hot. Put that shit in the store. Your ex-BFF, Jessica.

...... and not to mention- in store the coat is $50 and online it's $70....... UGH!

...... I'm ordering it


  1. Now I am scared I won't be able to find the mustard one! The don't have it in my size online. I will def be hitting up the Northlake store at lunch to see though.

  2. They had many some at both stores I went to, I tried a yellow one one to get my size. (I know they have a medium in Mooresville)

  3. I hate my 50% off coupon caused so much drama! I guess its never easy as it sounds sometimes...

  4. Don't get me started on Old Navy! I used to work there, and it was the worst job I ever had; I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! My biggest complaint with them is that their sizes are always different (probably because their clothes come from a variety of third world countries). How can I still fit in a pants size that is several years old, but when I go to buy new pants I have to go up two sizes? And I can wear one size in one style, but a totally different size in another style? WTF???

  5. I totally agree!!!! When I was in college I wore a size 4, consistently. Now I am a 10!!! I know I've gained weight, but NOT 3 pants sizes!!

    My husband worked at Old Navy for a while too, he has the exact same complaint that their sizing is all over the place!

  6. Just and FYI, I went to the store to use the coupon (I got the last yellow jacket in the store!) and they gave me 50% off the $70 price, not the $50 sale price. It's still a good deal but a bummer that they don't give the discount off the current price.