Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Life is just insane.

I work 9 hours a day, here at my day job.

Go home, and edit for at least 4 hours, but usually more. Till 10 or 11PM each night.

As much as I love our photography business, and getting new clients- I've got to keep our shoots to a minimum. I don't think people realize how much time goes into editing. A standard 2 hour shoot, will yield at least 3 hours of editing (at least!). A wedding- I try and do 100 images a night- so 6 nights to get 600 images (or more!).... that's about 5 hours a night.... that's 30 HOURS of editing!!!! Not to mention, the hours it takes to complete an album design, and to blog. Blogging is SO time consuming. I learned a while ago that IF I try and pick out the images to blog BEFORE I edit everything, I don't always pick the best ones. So, I've changed my blogging strategy to edit them ALL.... then blog. This is why I am splitting my wedding posts up- once I've edited through the ceremony, then I blog all the getting ready shots & ceremony shots. I know this means it takes longer for clients to see their blog posts, but I prefer it this way. I want to put my best foot forward with this business, and if that means blogging a little slower, so be it.

................ this is just a vent. Not directed at anyone! I just needed to explain my lack of posts here on Newlywed Peephole.

I hope you all are enjoying the Fall! It's my favorite season, and I'm a little sad we haven't been able to enjoy much of it. However- we've been looking to a couple to shoot at the Carolina Balloon Festival this weekend, and we didn't find anyone- so Jeremy and I are still going!! I am SO excited! (although I wish we were taking a ride... but Jeremy is terrified). I LOVE hot air balloons, there's something just magical about them. I've seen 2 flying over Davidson the last 2 weeks, and they always make me smile :-)

How are you taking in the season? (and do you want your photo taken at the Balloon Fest this weekend? Or at the State Fair on Saturday morning?? Let us know- we're offering special rates for both of them, and would make awesome Christmas cards!)

PS- have you seen the latest weddings we've shot? Check them out here!

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