Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to {regular} life....

Within the last 2 months, life's been a little nutty.

We spent 9 days on vacation...... and I spent 7 days living 15 minuetes from my house.... crazy, I know. Our National Grange Convention was held in Charlotte this year, so I spent the entire last week camped out at the Hilton. I'm home now, no serious traveling or departures from daily life in sight.

With all the craziness, I haven't had much time to give any thought to our annual Thanksgiving dinner we host each year for our friends. Panic set in a little this morning. I've been debating on buying or renting one of those patio heaters and hosting the whole thing on our parking pad. Our house is almost 1300 square feet, but over half of it is upstairs in all our bedrooms.... so it makes hosting events inside our home a little tight. We debated renting our clubhouse, but didn't want to have to A.) spend the money and B.) we'd have to be out and all cleaned up in just a few hours.....

So cramped indoors? Or spacious, potentially chilly outdoors?

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