Friday, March 19, 2010

A Quickie!

I continue to suffer at blogging... I continue to apologize.... SORRY!

I'll make this quick since I'm about to leave for work!

Well, not too much exciting going on here. I continue to study photography, take photographs, and pretend I know how to edit them.... eek!
Jeremy's still on the job hunt..... but he's been picking up the camera with me and exploring, so it's nice to work together... if I could only get him to pretend to know how to edit while I'm at work, we'd be golden! I can wish....

I'm super excited about this weekend, simply because the weather is supposed to be nice! Thank you, Jesus! It's weather like this that reminds me why I bought a convertible! And why I continue to live in the South.

I leave at 1PM on Fridays from my job... a nice perk.... so today, I'm on the hunt for things that start with "B" that signify spring to photograph for the blog..... here's my list so far.... Burgers, Beer (both photographed last night!) Blooms (cherry blossoms and daffodils- currently blooming in Davidson!)... and maybe blue skies? Today is the last official day of winter.... so I am going to celebrate it's passing with these photos!

We'll see what else I come up with! Check the photo blog for the photos!

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