Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Bedroom.... Under Construction!

We got our headboard finished last night!!!! Eat your heart out Pottery Barn (they have one VERY similar for $499!!!) The whole project cost us about $75! Plywood, 4 yards of 1" foam, 2 yards of batting, and one 6x9 canvas drop cloth from Lowes!

bed collage


  1. Your new master looks fabulous! Would you mind sharing where you found your bedding and how you made the headboard or what tutorial you used to make it? Great job and thanks again!

  2. Sure!!
    Our bedding is Abigail Paisley from Crate & Barrel.

    The headboard is a solid piece of plywood, that we had cut to size at lowes. I think it was $25. I bought 4 yards of 1" foam from a fabric store, 4 yards of batting from the fabric store and one 9x10 (I think) drop cloth from lowes... it was $10. We laid out the drop cloth, then layered the batting on top, then the foam, then laid the plywood on top.... pulled the foam over, and stapled it. Then pulled the batting over and stapled it, then the canvas. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you! Looks like I now have a project this weekend!