Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Bedroom.... Under Construction... Part II

Curtains and Cornice Boxes, OH MY!

I built these super easy boxes using this tutorial. (Jenny's blog is awesome, so many great ideas there!) We covered them with batting and the same canvas as the headboard ($10!)  and the curtains are from IKEA ($15 for each set).

Please excuse the poor photos.... the sun was going down, so I had to whip out the flash

Here are the 2 we hung last night...

and here's the one we hung when I got home today.... Jeremy hard at work!
it's a little scary to think that cradle looks kinda cute in our room under that window! (don't worry... no babies for a while!)

***These look WAY better in person!


  1. Wow, Jess it looks AWESOME!! You guys worked hard this weekend!! I'm VERY impressed!

  2. Thanks Mel!! Wait till you see the nightstands Jeremy built, and the frames we got to hang above the bed :-)