Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow, I've been a Slacker!

With a capital S!

I was so good about blogging..... oh, well!

So, here we go with updates!

since the new washer and dryer...... I've been to Michigan, Thanksgiving has come and gone, My Birthday came and went, we made a trip to Old Salem, and our Annual Thanksgiving (/Christmas this year) dinner has passed! WOW.

So we'll start with Michigan-
If you are reading this and don't know me personally, I work for the NC State Grange. (I write that blog too!)An organization started to give farmers in the south a voice following the Civil War. Since then, we've evolved into more of a community service organization. I am the Membership Director and Event Coordinator for the State. It's a rewarding, yet extremely challenging job! Well we have a National Convention that is held every November, this year, it was in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Our hotel was BEAUTIFUL :-) We stayed at the Amway Grand in downtown. Here's my room....
all the rooms in the tower side, where I was had these beautiful walls of windows overlooking the city.
While there, I was honored with the Hero of the Grange award. I had no idea how big of a deal this was. I was honored along with 7 other people, all who seemed to be much more qualified for this award than I.
Nat Con 09 Yvonne Shower 001

While there, I also met Sarah Palin..... now before all you democrats get your panties in a bunch, let me say, I am not a particularly political person. But, it was really cool to meet someone so high profile.

Let me just tell you what I went through to meet her..... I arrived in Michigan and some other Grangers said hey were going to meet Sarah Palin on Wednesday, want to go? Sure!

Tuesday- her book hits shelves, we rode the city bus to the mall, bought her book at 7 AM.
Wednesday- got up at 4:15AM to be at the mall by 5:30- we hijacked a car this time.
Stood in line from 5:30 AM- 9AM OUTSIDE the mall in MICHIGAN..... hello, it was COLD! 9AM we got our wristbands to be able to come back and meet her at the book signing that evening. We went back to the hotel and napped. Got up and headed back to the mall at 2:30.... stood in line (inside this time!) from 2:30-8PM. Finally met her!

sarah palin
(please remember my lack of sleep and line standing when judging my appearance)

My sleep pattern didn't return to normal till I returned home :-/

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