Monday, December 21, 2009

Projects, Projects, Projects!

So, you know me! I gotta have a project going on all the time!

I've decided, I'd like to redecorate our downstairs! This is what it currently looks like.....



I painted the green in the dining area right when we moved in, and the accent wall in the living room shortly after. They are actually 2 different color greens, but no one ever realizes it.....

I have decided that I'm over this.... it's fun and bright, but I think I want to change it to more relaxed.... and stylish :-) I think I'm going with a gray/orange/ivory color palate.....

I plan to remove the tulip painting (although I do love it.... maybe reuse it somewhere else) and hang black and white prints (either 2 or 3) of our wedding over the sofa. Paint the green wall a nice gray, make or buy some new curtains (maybe a gray stripe?) and make cornice (pelmet) boxes over the windows.

I'd like to do the same in the dining area- repaint it gray and put some curtains on that awful looking window... it looks sad!

from Snippit and Ink

I'd like to do this maybe the Sunday after Christmas.... we'll see!

up next- bedroom projects :-)

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  1. wow, love the color palette of gray/orange/ivory! a very chic choice. can't wait to see how it turns out :)