Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jeremy Comes Home Today!

So, if you don't know me or my life.... I'm married to Jeremy, he works for a crap-tastic engineering firm, who treats him like a stray dog. Ugh. One of these days (when the housing market stops tanking) he'll get a new job, a better job, that isn't so crap-tastic.

They decided it was a brilliant idea to send him to Florida the week of Christmas.... effing brilliant. He comes home tonight... hopefully. And did I mention they want him to fly back down there on Sunday.... SUNDAY PEOPLE! While the rest of the world gets to continue celebrating Christmas, or racking up on the after Christmas sales.... my husband could be flying back to Florida....

I frequently read Literally, Genevive Claire..... a super sarcastic gal in NYC from the South. Here's how she handles Pete, her man being out of town..... oh how I feel the same way!

"When Pete goes out of town, I tend to act out. I’m not sure why, because I never did these things when I lived by myself, but I’m telling you, it’s not pretty.

I do things like eat six Larabars for dinner. And stay up until 4:30 am watching 18 Kids and Counting marathons. I hit snooze twelve times on the alarm clock in the morning (unrelated to the previous item) and am late to work. I spill nail polish remover on our wooden furniture because I’m distracted by a Shakira video. I run the dishwasher with only a glass and a fork in it. I buy $73 worth of terrible music on iTunes suggested to me by shows on the CW. I turn the AC down to 59 degrees and wake up shivering with frostbite in one pinky. I order multiple maternity tops from because I think they’ll be long enough to wear with leggings. I fall asleep at 7 pm with a mud mask on and wake up panicked that my face is paralyzed from a stroke.

By the time Pete gets home, I’m so emotionally strung out and physically exhausted that I basically weep for joy.

He just walked in the door from his red-eye flight from LA and I breathed a visceral sigh of relief because my life was about to go back to normal. Oh, and because I missed him."


  1. So glad he's coming home! And I had to laugh at craptastic! Simply brilliant.

  2. Aw, Jessica! I am so glad Jeremy is back.
    I hope you both have a Merry Christmas. Let me know if you want to get together anytime (whether he is gone or not).

  3. Yes, Jennifer! We need a date :-)