Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Um.... Happy 2012?

So.... yeah.... it's been a while... eeek.

Photography has really absorbed our free time, and with Jeremy working now we just aren't doing as many "home" projects. However, we are about to start a really exciting process... building a beach house!

We met with our architect on Friday night to give him an idea of what we are looking for, and a direction for him to go. Here are the basics...

1. ~1500 square feet
2. 2 or 3 bedrooms
3. A loft with built in bunks or twins
4. 2.5 baths
5. Vaulted ceiling in the living area
6. Clawfoot tub
7. A story & a half
8. Screened in porch.

We're really excited.... terrified of the quotes builders may give us.... but really excited :-)

Understand, this won't be a really active topic for a while, but we'll keep you filled in as we progress with the project!

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