Friday, September 2, 2011


Are you familiar with Zara? Are you lucky enough to live near one?

I am jealous of you.

I heard about Zara several years ago, but because they don't do online shopping, I've never been able to fully appreciate it. When we were in Miami (almost a year ago!?!?) I spotted one, but didn't go in because we were on our way to brunch at The Big Pink (which is amazing, go if you're in South Beach... they even have pink VW Bugs for deliveries!)

Well... ladies and gentelmen... all hell is about to break loose because Zara is opening their online store NEXT WEEK!

I spent a considerable amount of time perusing the site yesterday (but only the sale stuff!) picking out things I want.
Here they are...

What have you picked out??

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  1. Shut up! I haven't been to one since I was in Mexico like 10 years ago. I am thrilled that they are finally opening an online store. It's time!