Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 Day Weekends = Shopping.

When we got about halfway though 2011 and I hadn't booked a wedding for Labor Day weekend, I decided that was designated "me" time. I needed time to relax, clean my house & amp up for a very busy fall.

It's no secret that I am a die hard shopper, and this weekend, I made it a mission to go out looking for nothing in particular & see what I could find.

After a few hours of working in my photo office on Friday afternoon, I decided to hit up the ReStore in Cornelius. One of my new favorite places to frequent. I immediately spotted something I had to have! 2 almost perfect end tables for my office! I knew with wanting a white, round coffee table (and already having lots of wood in the space) I wanted metal coffee tables.... preferably gold ones! (crazy, I know.)

But there they were in all their glory.... and only $10 each! (they had a matching coffee table too... but I left that for someone else to love)

They do have some heinous gray-ish glass tops, but I am in the works of having clear glass cut to replace them...

That's not all folks.... I came away with one other awesome goody.....

I spotted a round, pedestal dining table.... studied it, and then text Jeremy a photo of it, asking if he thought we could chop it down shorter, to make a coffee table?

He thought so.... but I decided it wasn't worth the trouble... I had no way to get it home, and wasn't sure I was sold on it.... I mean after all, I'd have to chop the base, sand all that horrible lacquer off and then paint it white..... so I headed to the checkout to pay for my end tables. The lovely lady reminded me that everything was 15% off! (they had a sign at the door, but I forgot about it).... then she asked if I was going to be taking them with me, or coming back to pick up?

I didn't even realize pick up was an option! So with the knowledge of the sale, and the pickup policy.... I told her to hang on.... their was a dining table I wanted too!

I grabbed the ticket & paid for my goods.... my tables were $8.50 each and the dining table was $38.25 :-)

I hope I can get it picked up, and finished before we leave for Savannah on Friday!

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