Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fencing in the Yard.

A while back Jeremy & I discussed having our yard fenced.... we decided it wasn't worth it given the size of our yard. But back last fall maybe we had a fence co. come out and do an estimate. It was the fence co. that everyone else in our area of the neighborhood had used. They wanted over $1800 to fence our yard.... crazy town.
Our Tiny backyard before we bought the house

We decided fencing the yard just wasn't going to happen. Well... summer arrived and we started cooking out more, and our puppies would stand at the back door and cry. If it wasn't too hot we would put up the baby gate so they could be closer.

After Jeremy got his job this spring, we decided to revisit the idea of fencing the yard. I emailed about 5 companies in the area to get quotes... only ONE emailed me back. (One other did call me, but I specifically asked to be emailed so I didn't return their call). They came out, and quoted us.... $300 cheaper than the first company!! So we paid our deposit & waited to be scheduled.

We were on the calendar for July 1. Then I got an email saying they were bumping us up to June 28! We didn't have to be home for the install, but I felt better being there. I left work just after 1PM yesterday to get home in time to see it being finished. I pulled up and this is what I saw.....

not happy.

They'd had an "emergency" but were on the way to our house. They worked about 3 hours, and didn't get as much done as I'd hoped.

They better be back out there today finishing it as I type.


  1. Ugh- that is so frustrating! They bump you up and then bail?? Gr!

  2. That sucks! Come over and see the wing back I did!