Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No News

So yesterday Jeremy had a little visit with a family friend of ours to maybe.... possibly.... have a job in sight..... well, no such luck. The firm is in Hillsborough, 2 hours from us, but close to our parents. If he'd been offered a position, he'd be living with his parents during the week, and me on the weekend :-(

Boo.... no good.

The guy told him, they do have a couple of big projects starting in the spring, and they will likely be bringing on other help. So.... maybe in a few months he could offer him something.

I think I've got to the point that I'd rather have him work part time somewhere than have him 2 hours away all week :-/

I know this is so petty to all those people out there who can't find jobs anywhere, or to those who have a loved one serving in the Military, and don't see them for months. I do not envy those of you. I have a great respect for you.

So, for now... nothing's really changed.... although my house is a tad bit cleaner, and the dogs are happy to be out all day with him, instead of in the crate!

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